[Portfolio] Leaving Downtown LA

Remodeling and Home Design
I'm getting ready to move out of my loft and it's becoming apparent that I might not ever live in downtown LA again, at least not anytime soon. Sad thought. Downtown LA has been my home for the last two years and I have been privileged to watch it grow and transform right before my eyes. I will miss being a part of the exciting changes that are happening in this part of town. When I get back from Europe, I will be moving to wherever work takes me, possibly New York. I will post photos of my current project loft before I move out, in the mean time- here are a few old photos from my first downtown loft at the Chapman Flats.


  1. i LOVE this space. gorgeous. i am hating living in a cramped house full of 6 people right now, despite them all being lovely people, and having my tiny little room also be my studio/workspace.

    i'm obsessed with grey and black walls and modern sleek interiors. lovely lovely space, old friend!

    -Moorea :)

  2. Really great interiors and I'm pretty sure I used to live in this same building, 8th and Broadway? Nicely done man.