[Project] UPDATE - Coffee bag wall covering

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It's been a busy week. I've made some progress on the coffee bag project, and I will give you a peek as to how that's coming along, but first: some new projects have sprung up that I want to share.

I ordered some new pendant lights awhile back to replace the old white plastic ones in the kitchen. They arrived in the mail the other day, so I put them up. They are the Genesis Pendant Light from Sundance. A simple hanging black metal socket with a black fabric cord to be used with an exposed light bulb. Going for the industrial feel here; not only do these look more appropriate in the space, but paired with a halogen PAR bulb, the light quality is amazing (they also look great with the vintage Edison style bulbs).

Then... I had some new ideas for the loft entry way that required some immediate attention. I've been wanting to rearrange the coat hooks, and decided to add a shelf above them. I still had my cardboard shelves from my old place, so I made use of them. In preparations for one last photo shoot before I move out, my friend Porter let me borrow some of his art for my walls. I used a few pieces on the shelf.

 Now, back to the coffee bag project. After I prepped the bags, I measured the wall space I want to cover and taped off an equivalent section of my floor so that I could arrange the pieces once I cut them out.

Deciding on the arrangement proved to be the most difficult decision. I considered a lot of possibilities. I thought about cutting the bags into strips and weaving them into a herringbone pattern, but I wasn't sure I had enough burlap to pull that off. I considered a collage of random shapes and sizes, stripes, patchwork quilt, etc. Then it hit me and I knew it:


This photo was taken in the middle of the process. I got to sit around and play life size tetris until I figured out the right arrangement, and now its ready to go.

I just need to sew the pieces together, then I will mount it on the wall. Check back in soon for the final outcome!

Check out the completed project HERE!

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