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It has already been a month but it only seems like a week or two has gone by. It is my last day in Amsterdam, what an awesome city this is. Coming from Paris, the architecture is an interesting change, but I love it. All of the buildings seem as though they are falling forward. Every house has a beam sticking out of the front of the roof with a hook, because the stairs are so small inside, all of the furniture is hoisted up on a pulley attached to the hook and in through the windows. The buildings tip forward so you can raise and lower things without bashing them into the house. I would love to have a flat on a canal with arched windows and wood shutters. The design here is closest to my own style that I have found so far, a lot of very cool restaurants and flats and coffee shops. I tried to visit the Marcel Wanders design studio which was just around the corner from my couchsurfing host's apartment yesterday. I buzzed the receptionist from the front door hoping that she would let me come upstairs and take a look around the studio but she made it clear that that wasn't going to happen so I settled for walking around the Moooi showroom on the ground floor. So many cool things in there.

Anyway, I am taking an overnight train to Copenhagen tonight. Fifteen hours. Hopefully I can finish reading The Fountainhead and pass it off to someone when I get to Copenhagen. Its funny that the last post I actually wrote anything was from my first day in Europe. I hope you are enjoying the photos, they are all taken from my phone so the resolution isn't the best, but I think its working out alright. I'm also taking photos with a couple other cameras but you might not see any of those until I get home. I'll attempt to fill you in on some of the highlights whenever I get a chance. Here is the week and a half in London condensed into a paragraph:

I became a tube expert, stayed at 4 different places over a week and a half, hung out with old friends from Seattle, spent 3 days at the apple store to get a new iphone, drinks all over town with my Australian friend Willis, found hipsters in shore ditch, fell in love with art at the Tate Modern, stayed in an anti squat with a polish architecture student, got locked out one night - slept on the porch, life wisdom from Simon Bisley at Crobar, Iceland Volcano erupted the day I was supposed to fly to Edinburgh, caught last minute train that was so full over a dozen people (myself included) stood in the aisles and sat on the floor. I narrowly escaped before it was too late.

I'll get to Edinburgh and Paris when I get a chance, but for now I've gotta go find a nice cafe for my last meal in Amsterdam. 


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