[Paris]: Part Four

Remodeling and Home Design
I met up with Helen in Paris, she is a friend of  a woman I sat next to on the plane to London. We had a drink outside on a bench in the sand at Canal St. Martins with her friend Freddy and then they took me out for some cheap indian food. Helen let me borrow her Velib card for the public bicycles for the rest of my trip and after that Paris took on a new life. I learned my way around the city, biking from place to place. The bikes are free for the first half an hour and you can get one from one station and drop it off at another.


  1. cushywushy, it seems like you are having the time of your life. i'm jealous and happy for you :) and really enjoying your blog. who will you be when you come home?! happy trails my friend <3

  2. Thanks Jamie I ammm having the time its true. When I come home I will be a european design master me ready for a job. See you in a couple months!

  3. Your stories and pictures bring back so many memories, I can't wait to hear everything you experienced in depth. Keep rollin Roark