[Budapest]: Turkish bath?

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I was in Budapest for a few days and my only thing on my agenda was to spend some quality time at a Turkish bath. There are a handful of famous bath houses in the city, I went to one called Gellért and spent all day there. A 40 minute massage was about $20 so I ordered up one of those as well. I spend the day floating around in pools and thermal spas. Took a nap in the sun and watched old people get knocked over by waves in the wave pool. When it was finally time for my massage, I went to the men's massage area where they paired me up with a huge Hungarian man as my masseuse. I have never had a male masseuse before, and I was a little worried, but I thought I'd try to be open minded. He instructed me to lay naked, face up on the table and he proceeded to vigorously rub oil all over my body with his callused hands until I felt like my skin was falling off. I knew it sounded a little too good to be true. It was a bit traumatizing, but I guess it made for a good story, right?

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