[Florence]: To make a long story short

Remodeling and Home Design

Day 1:
Arrive with no place to stay. Its hot. Find internet cafe. Find nearby hostels online. Walk to first hostel. Hostel is full. Walk to second hostel. Get lost. Walk back to first hostel to ask for directions to second hostel. Get lost again. Finally figure out I'm supposed to walk through the train station, not the fort. Map is upside down. Regret loosing my compass in Stockholm. Finally find hostel after walking for miles with my backpack on. Inquire about laundromat. Walk to recommended laundromat. Find recommended laundromat to be closed. Walk back to hostel. Wash clothes in the sink. Take nap. Google "best bars in Florence". Walk around looking for bars. Two of the four best bars are out of business. Find Jazz club. Drink wine. Go home.

Day 2: Walk through mercato nuovo. Find leather gloves I'd been looking for the whole trip. Don't buy them because I'm sweating. See Duomo. Huge line. Take photos from outside. Try to find David. Get lost. Find ice cream shop. Order cup of ice cream. NINE euros. Regret ordering ice cream. Walk to Piazzale Michelangelo. Take a break by some sweet statues. Walk across Ponte Vecchio towards Palazzo Pitti for a stroll in the park. Park has a TEN euro entrance fee. Walk back to hostel. Find couchsurfing host. Take bus to hosts house. Stay put.

Day 3: Leave.

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