[Design]: The birth of a shelving unit

Remodeling and Home Design
Last year I found photos of a shelving unit that someone else had created using wood and pipes. I used this idea and designed my own shelving unit for the loft I was working on. Here are some photos showing the building progression of what I came up with.


  1. Great work. The school I will be teaching at in the Czech Republic next year specializes in modern instrument, furniture and interior design, I'll take pictures of interesting furniture etc and send them to you to inspire more ideas for designs such as the one you created. I'm sure the Czech Republic doesn't compare to the contemporary work going on in Los Angeles, but I'm sure it will have its own quirky twist of its own. :-)

    - Amy Ebersole

  2. was it me? looks good.

    where did you get the gray throw on the end of the bed?

  3. It was you! Thank's for the idea!

    I forget where the throw came from, I think it was bed bath and beyond or something of the like.

  4. You're brilliant! I saw the final photo on CasaSugar and at first glance, I thought the mirrors were doors to another room. Lovely work!