[Inspiration] Nemaworkshop

Remodeling and Home Design
Nemaworkshop: NYC. "Ultimately, the designs challenge architectural typologies, demonstrate acute cultural awareness, and propose original spatial concepts". Check out their design for the coffee shop D'espresso. Located in Midtown East (Manhattan), the whole place is turned on one side. The design leaves a lasting impression, and can be easily played with and replicated for future locations. Word on the street is the third location may wind up completely upside down?

I gathered a handful of some of my favorite photos from other nemaworkshop projects:


  1. Looks like a perfect fit for you. Good Luck Chris!

  2. Thanks Chelsea! We will see how it goes :)

  3. Too good, they are too talented! I love the d'espresso design, the way the books come to interfere into the space. Stunning work.
    I have seen this on Lisa Porter's blog. The brick work could well be mosaic. This post is too inspiring. Come see my blog on mosaic art. LA is one of the places I would love to visit!!!