[Architecture] Rotterdam's Black Pearl

Remodeling and Home Design
Inspired again. Studio Rolf.fr and Zecc Architects did a fine job renovating the hell out of this 100 year old building in Rotterdam. Take something old and neglected and turn it into the coolest building on the block; I dig it. The exterior is blacked out entirely, windows and all, and punctured by a set of curiously placed modern steel framed windows. Inside, it's a whole new world (& a new fantastic point of view). The scars are still visible from where the old stairs and floors once met the walls but the layout and contents of this black pearl have been creatively re-imagined from the ground up.

Having just arrived in New York, my new city, I've been spending the last couple days wandering the streets looking for place to live. I'd like to just skip ahead to the time when I can afford to buy a building and transform it into my own black pearl.


  1. That house confuses my brain


  2. your taste is impeccable, Chris... I am happy to have met you so early in your career and look forward to seeing you grow into an accomplished architect

  3. I loved Rotterdam....AMAZING art and architecture. Plus, the CocoRosie concert and rad couchsurfing hosts. Ahh. Love that gem of a buidling. Miss your face!