[Life] Great Gatsby Lawn Party on Governor's Island

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I had a dapper Sunday afternoon in a bow-tie with some good friends at Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party. We lounged, mingled, sipped champagne, and tried to figure out how to dance to twenties music without looking like sleazy hipsters. At the end of the day, a crack of thunder sent a wild screaming crowd of flappers running for cover as a torrential down pour swept across the lawn. My friend Jeff Allen snapped a few photos during the calm before the storm.

The bearded Bon Iver-ish world-traveler stud to my right, Marcus Eby, just returned to NY from backpacking across South America to begin his second year of med-school. Fun Fact: In your first year of med-school, you get your own personal cadaver to skin and you give prostate exams to your professors.

Click here to see more photos and read about the bi-annual Gatsby party.

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