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Prouvé was one of the greatest French designers of the 20th century. I admire that Prouvé was a hands-on constructor. His designs stemmed from a functional knowledge of the materials and the manufacturing process, and that functionality shined through to form the final product.

An excerpt from the Vitra website describes Prouvé as, "...a prolific inventor, a passionate teacher and engineer, an architect, a hands-on workman and a visionary manufacturer. His great enthusiasm for construction was catholic in its reach, including large-scale industrial machines, the inside of photo cameras or the logics of Bach, which he couldn’t resist listening to at highest volume. He was a pilot of airplanes as well as automobiles, whose engines he could spend hours tinkering with. He liked his cars fast and his convertible tops down: “He didn’t even put the top up when it started to rain,” according to his daughter. “He made us kids believe that if he went fast enough, the rain would just shoot over our heads.”

Now check out the collaboration with G-Star:

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