[Life] Return to the Helm: A New Loft in LA

Remodeling and Home Design
Emerging from a healthy deuce-month hiatus from the hyper-productive world of the office job; I'm now ready to return to the helm. It's time to have a go at a new loft project in downtown LA. Much like the last loft project, we are working within a modest budget, which will afford us a few interesting opportunities to get creative with the space and the materials.

The current task-at-hand is to design a large sectional sofa for the open living area. We have a generous ten-feet of sofa space to work with. The client requests a pillowless but comfortably cushioned modern minimal style sofa with an open back on one end and a chaise wide enough for two. As it stands now, we are looking at something similar to the sofa below, floating over a recessed plinth base, with charcoal gray upholstery: (photo from the Apartment Therapy house tour of Justin Shaulis)

Of course, I'm also always keeping my eyes peeled for a decent Eames lounge chair and ottoman, so I can finally use it in a project and then move on with my life. Though I would love to get my hands on one of the 100 limited edition murdered out eames lounges, locating and affording one would likely require a small miracle, so I will settle for what I can get. Isn't this thing sexy though? Seriously. I dream about it.

Check back soon for photos, interviews and all new video updates chronicling the progress of this loft on it's path to glory.

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  1. The huge windows really made this loft bigger and sunnier. Although I love modern spaces like this, I still can't get enough of my lovely country home. It is small, but it's very homey and easy to maintain. =)