[Architecture] An Australian Sleeper House

Remodeling and Home Design
Another Sleeper house. This beach house is located in Port Melbourne, Australia, and the architecture work was done by Matt Gibson. Let's talk about the unassuming street view which is the same family as the Skylight House I posted recently. It looks like your grandmother's house; like the sweetest old lady lives inside, making wedding cakes all day. But no!

But step inside...


It is huge and modern inside.

Not much to say about the furniture and styling inside, maybe it was just set up for the photo shoot to sell the house (these photos are from the online listing of the house when it was for sale), but the interior architecture is nice.

Another sweet surprise interior that you would never expect from your view of the outside. For more surprise houses like this one, with unassuming exteriors and radical interiors, check out the Chenchow Little Skylight House, and the Swedish Schoolhouse-house.

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