[Architecture] Building a Building Inside of a Building

Remodeling and Home Design
This new building inhabits the ruins of an old dovecote building. Designed by Haworth Tompkins, it is part of an extension of the campus for Aldeburgh Music in Snape Maltings, on the east coast of England.

Plywood interior aside, this is sweet project! Sometimes, instead of 'dozing the remains of an old structure and starting from scratch, we ought to leave the remains intact, and build around them. Like an animal shedding its skin, the new form arises out of the old.

The juxtaposition of architecture, style, and age highlight the progress of an ever changing society by showing us where we came from. What once was sets the scene for what is now. The crumbling bricks give way to a cor-ten steel liner, shaped to display the interior volume of the original victorian structure. It feels natural, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of this happening.


  1. I have never seen anything before. Stunning! Is somebody living in it? How many squaremetres are this. Thanks for sharing, Toni

  2. The space is used by artists in residence, by musicians as rehearsal or performance space, by staff for meetings and as a temporary exhibition space.