[Interior] Grayscale Coordination

Remodeling and Home Design
A serious achromatic grayscale interior. Here we have the new offices of Coordination Asia, an architecture design and consulting company in Shanghai, China.

Sure, it's a hell of a lot of gray, but by washing everything in the same color, it helps to accentuate the architectural details. All of a sudden we notice the intricacy of forms of the wood paneling and crown molding; we become more aware of light and shadow and how it plays against the multidimensional forms of the space.

Then the few subtle indulgences of color come to life with a much more powerful impact. It may seem like it would get boring over time, always working in a world of gray, and I don't know, maybe it would. But I would dare say that it is precisely it's overwhelming grayness that will keep this office fun and interesting for awhile to come.

Would you want to work at this office? Love it, or hate it?

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