[Lighting] Coco's Thread (Vs. Tom's Cone)

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Apparently it's lighting week at cush design studio, so here is another lovely light for your viewing pleasure. This is the Thread Light, by the Australian designer Coco Reynolds of Marz Designs. The threaded rods are removable, allowing for adjustments in size, and the clamps are also adjustable giving versatility in height and direction of light.

In addition to the pleasing aesthetic design and functionality potential, this lamp is a sustainable product. The light shades are made of recycled spun aluminum and the base is composed of a green concrete composite called Lithistone, which is made up of a combination of ground minerals, recyclable and organic mineral pigments. Bonus points for Coco!

So, initial research revealed some interesting things about this Coco Reynolds. Hailing from Sydney Australia, her background is in industrial design and she also dabbles in graphic design. The interesting part for me, is that she is only one year older then myself, and she graduated college a year before I did. I am impressed! I'm always excited to  discover other young talented people with an eye for design and the capacity to produce.

But, the plot thickens. As I was looking over the photos of the Thread Light, considering posting it to the site, I kept thinking that it looked strangely familiar. Aha! Sure enough, enter Tom Dixon's Tripod Cone Light for further review:

Ok, so since Tom's Cone Light was launched back in 2004, it seems as though he may have beat Coco to the punch on this guy. That having been said, I think the Thread Light is an awesome and legitimate version of this photography lighting style lamp, and I would be stoked to have one in my own home. (The Tom Dixon light can come too).

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