[Architecture] From Warehouse to Warehome

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This "Inverted Warehouse Townhouse" in TriBeCa is the work of Dean / Wolf Architects. They took a 10,500sf warehouse and turned it into a loft. I don't love every design choice they made, but I do like the liberal use of glass and steel to bring light into the huge, otherwise dark space. Here is an excerpt from the architect's website about the project:

"The Inverted Warehouse Townhouse is an addition and renovation of a Tribeca loft building. Conceived as an excavation of dissipating energy, three double story volumes are voided from the center of the building. Into this space are hung self structuring corten steel panels which are layered, shingle-style. The layering of the shingles allows for frameless burgundy wall art glass to float down through the walls. The downward dissipation culuminates in the double story book shelves which hang into the children's playroom. Countering the downward hanging of spaces is a courtyard layer of silicone glazed glass which delicately lifts to the skyline.

The main entry is onto the fifth floor where two sequences separate public and private routes: the upward route joins the public spaces while the downward route travels to bedrooms, playrooms, and study."

The huge glass atrium allows daylight to penetrate deep into the living spaces of the warehome.

Skylights on the floor of the atrium allow light to travel still further, helping to lighten up the dark warehouse vibe.

Huge walls of glass open up and blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor space.

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