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Posting may be slow this month, I've taken a short hiatus from my design projects to play a roll in a new Sean Stiegemeier short film called 'Hinterlands'. Right now I'm posting from the small stormy town of Vík on the southern coast of Iceland where there is a crazy wind/ice storm raging outside our hotel. We will be shooting in some unbelievable locations from Iceland to Scotland to Chernobyl over the next month, so check back for updates on our journey.

You can find some more background info about the film on the Kickstarter website here: Hinterlands Kickstarter Page.

Also, we set up a Facebook page where we will post updates, photos, and behind the scenes footage as shooting progresses. You can find/like that page here, to follow our adventures: Hinterlands Facebook Page.

Life is an adventure.

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