[Architecture] Dutch Mountain House, with Car Shelving

Remodeling and Home Design

Dutch architects, Denieuwegeneratie Architecten (translated: The New Generation), completed this Dutch Mountain house in December 2011. The house is apparently built into the side of a mountain with half of the house hidden inside the rock pile.

Skylights in the floor. Taxidermy and rocket ships. Like.

Jaguar shelving unit. The engine and roof were removed from the car to lighten the load a bit and create room for shelving. On the right, skateboard stairs. This house rules.

Climbing into the driver seat = priority 1.

The basement rooms receive day light through portals in the ceiling.

The kids seem to like it.

Reminiscent of McDonald's PlayPlace. Or Chuck E Cheese?

Denmark's largest mountain.

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  1. That must be the only hill in the Netherlands!