[Interior] Nemaworkshop: W Hotel New Orleans French Quarter

Remodeling and Home Design
Here is a project that I helped worked on in 2011 when I was working for Nemaworkshop:
a renovation of the W Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The Jazz rooms.

The hallways. We explored a number of different custom wallpaper and carpet designs.

The elevator lobby has voodoo pin lights in the ceiling, roman numerals to designate which floor you are on and fire.

Some photos of the Tarot themed guest rooms.

The Restaurant SoBou is connected to the hotel.

Internally lit mirrors in the restaurant create a sort of ghostly sense of mystery playing on the themes of the hotel.

Glass bottle wall in the restaurant.

Jazzy light fixtures extending out of the ceiling.

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  1. What a interior look and unique design there...lobby is so beautiful.thanks for sharing.Hotel furniture