[Interior] Ghislaine Viñas - Penthouse Playground

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Here are some photos from the November issue of Interior Design magazine of a collaboration project between Ghislaine Viñas interior design and architect David Hotson, of a four story penthouse in lower Manhattan.  80' stainless steel slide. A glass bridge. A climbing wall, swing, peepholes overlooking Brooklyn and the Chrysler building, and more.

The top four stories of this building makes up the penthouse.  

Slide down to breakfast in the morning.

Swing in the Kitchen.

Plate art. 

Portal to the stairwell, one of many great architectural elements in the space. 

Epic slide.

This green fade^^

One of the secret peepholes that peers out over the city. 

Glass bridges.

The upper level.

Looking down on the glass bridge.

Of course there is also a huge patio.

Slide on. 

This is an interior that isn't taking itself too seriously, when it easily could be.

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